Wilderness Trail Distillery’s products are handcrafted with precision, focusing solely on a unique sweet mash process and producing consistent, great tasting, award winning spirits.  After patiently waiting for 4 years, they just released their first first bourbon in April, which is a Bottled in Bond bourbon.

A noticeable distinction in their process and the flavor of their whiskeys comes from their proprietary Infusion Mashing Process, where they use the exact amount of heat to gelatinize starches without derogation of the quality of the grains. They find this process yields a much softer and more flavorful distillate when married with their unique yeast strains.

They proof their whiskeys down with limestone-filtered spring water to enter the 53-gallon toasted and #4 charred barrels at 110 proof for their bourbons and 100 proof for their rye whiskeys. They understand that the 100 proof entry into the barrel is the lowest in Kentucky for rye whiskey. More importantly, they just know it tastes better. They have chosen to mature their bourbons a minimum of 4 years before release. Their goal is to age their whiskeys an average age of 6-8 years for standard releases.

We gathered in the tasting room at Westport Whiskey & Wine to taste their bourbon, rum, vodka and very rare rye, and had lots of awesome door prizes as always.

Photos courtesy of Yono Photographer. Professional promotional models provided by  Accent Models Louisville.

JULY 2018