APRIL 2018


It’s the movie that bourbon enthusiasts everywhere have been talking about.  This amazing and beautiful film was released shortly before our viewing.  It’s a spectacular documentary exploring the rich culture and history of America’s native spirit.

AJ Hochhalter is the film’s Producer and Co-writer, and also composed the movie score.  He spoke with us and answered questions prior to showing the movie.

AJ has an affinity for emotive scores and simplicity in sound. He has written for the some of the largest brands in the world and his music has been heard on the stages of the Oscars and the Sundance Film Festival. AJ resides in Lexington with his family and also enjoys fishing and re-purposing old buildings.

The event was being hosted by the PriceWeber advertising agency.  And we featured quality cocktails and pours from Brown-Forman… because you can’t watch this movie without bourbon… right?

Nothing goes better with movies and bourbon than great pizza and a freshly popped popcorn – so we had plenty on hand.  And the door prizes were even more awesome than usual.

“It’s enough to make you want to stop what you’re doing, grab a bottle and run outside.”  — Los Angeles Times

Photos courtesy of Yono Photographer. Professional promotional models provided by  Accent Models Louisville.

APRIL 2018
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