APRIL 2016


We met at the Distilled Spirits Epicenter for a unique experience where we had the rare opportunity to taste spirits distilled from the individual grains that make up bourbon:  Corn, wheat, rye and malted barley.  Then we tasted some bourbon so we could pick out the individual grain flavors, and see how they combine to create a balanced bourbon flavor profile.  After the tasting it was revealed that the bourbon we tasted was Larceny, a wheated bourbon.

The tasting was led by Tyler Gomez, one of the Epicenter’s top industry experts, who regularly teaches classes and acts as an advisor in every facet in the art of alcohol production.  Along with the tasting, we enjoyed a delicious Chinese buffet.  The evening ended with a tour of the micro distillery.

The Epicenter is an international distilling center located in downtown Louisville. They have something for everyone with a passion for the time-honored craft in both the science and art side of distilling. From Moonshine University, where visitors learn how to build, open, and run their own distilleries, to their fully-equipped Grease Monkey Distillery, which when not in use for classes, is available to develop mash bills, create prototype batches, experiment with processing, or for full run productions.

Photos courtesy of Yono Photographer.  Professional promotional models provided by  Accent Models Louisville.

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