January 17 - 100th Anniversary of Prohibition

On January 17, 1920 Prohibition went into effect and consumption of bourbon went underground.  Infamous gangsters and such as Al Capone made a killing during the roaring twenties in partnership with moonshiners and speakeasies throughout the country.  The Bourbon Brotherhood is hosting a special event at a special location to commemorate the 100th anniversary of this historic event.  Save the date - more info coming soon.

November 20 - Brent Elliott, Master Distiller with Four Roses

The legendary Four Roses brand was trademarked in 1888 by Paul Jones, Jr. from his offices on Whiskey Row in Louisville.  Today the company distills ten separate bourbons using two mash recipes and five yeast strains.

Brent will bring us through a tasting of their Small Batch and Small Batch Select bourbons while we enjoy fantastic appetizers from Eddie Merlot's.

December 18 - Bernie Lubbers performs "Bourbon Thru Bluegrass"

Bernie Lubbers is the Global Whiskey Ambassador for Heaven Hill Distillery and is known as the Whiskey Professor.  Join us as Bernie Lubbers performs “Bourbon Thru Bluegrass”, an amazing performance where history, with live Bluegrass Music and Kentucky Bourbon, all come together to create a one of a kind experience that you will remember fondly for years to come.