December 13 - Jim Beam Historical Tasting and Cocktail Making.   Beam Suntory's Kentucky Bourbon Ambassador, Beth Burrows, has designed a unique historical tasting that brings us through the rich history of the Beam family, intertwined with American history and using several Beam Family bourbons to tell the story in a special sensory experience.

We will also have fun being educated on how to make our own delicious cocktails.

March 28 - He Sips, She Sips.  A co-ed bourbon tasting experience to learn if men and women prefer different types of bourbon.  Mashbill?  Proof?  Aging?

January 24 - Robert Burns Night Scotch Tasting.  In Scotland, the legendary poet Robert Burns is celebrated each January on his birthday at an occasion known as Robert Burns night.  The Bourbon Brotherhood is taking a detour from our usual bourbon tastings to experience Scotch and all things Scottish.  And we'll have the special treat of gathering at the Scottish Rite Temple in Louisville, a sub-group of the secretive and mysterious Freemasons.


February 28 - Stitzel Weller Distilery.  We'll be enjoying Bulleit, Blade & Bow and I.W. Harper at the Stitzel Weller Distillery.