September 26 - Uncle Nearest

If you enjoy relaxing by a barbecue pit on the back porch with a plate of smoked pork and a glass of whiskey, while sharing stories of a bygone era with old friends, then this month's gathering of the Brotherhood is for you!

Nathan Green, known to his family and friends as "Uncle Nearest", was the first black distiller on record in the United States.  He was a freed slave and is thought to have perfected the Lincoln County process and taught a certain teenager, named Jack Daniel, how to make whiskey.  Join us to learn more about this fascinating whiskey history and to enjoy Uncle Nearest 1856 for yourself.

October 24 - Kentucky Peerless

Corky and Carson Taylor continue their family legacy at Kentucky Peerless.  The company's identity as an artisan distiller is centered around its uncompromising quality and innovative nature.  Join us at the distillery to learn more about what happens there, take a tour and sample their exceptional barrel-proof, sweet mash rye.

November 14 - Copper & Kings

The history of brandy in America is deep and diverse. With the first recorded distillation in America being brandy in 1640, in many ways brandy can be considered to be America‚Äôs original spirit.  Join us for a special evening at Copper & Kings distillery as we tour the distillery, the barrels aging to music in the basement and enjoy neat pours and cocktails in the second floor event space.  Afterward you can adjourn to Alex&nder's bar on the top floor for an additional cocktail and enjoy the picturesque view of downtown and see the new Louisville City soccer stadium being created next door.  But don't head home before bottling your own brandy, directly from the barrel of your choice!