January 23 - O.Z. Tyler

Though it has changed names over the years, the O.Z. Tyler Distillery has a history that dates back to 1885.  A few years ago, the distillery underwent a $25 million restoration and is now back in full operation.  The 26-acre site includes six warehouses and a 54-inch column still capable of producing 72,000 barrels annually.

O.Z. Tyler bourbon and rye are run through their TerrePURE Fast Filtration process which removes harsh-tasting impurities. TerrePURE is an all-natural process that utilizes ultrasonic energy, heat, and oxygen to dramatically improve the quality and taste of distilled spirits.

Befitting this hi-tech process, our tasting will take place at First Build, a technology and innovation incubator located on the U of L campus for makers, designers and engineers. The resources at First Build include 3-D printers, laser engravers and other advanced technology.

We'll have food, door prizes and you'll even get to try a new machine that creates crystal clear ice spheres.