March 20 - What's Old in Bardstown

Last year we took a trip to Bardstown to discover "What's New". We toured shiny modern glass and stainless steel distilleries. This year, on the first day of Spring, we're going to explore "What's Old" in Bardstown's deep and rich bourbon history.

We'll be visiting Barton 1792 Distillery, Talbott Tavern and Willett Distillery.

May 27 - Bulleit Distillery Tour

Join us for a tasting and tour at the new $150 million Bulleit distillery and visitors center in Shelbyville.  The facilities are impressive and incorporate sustainable, environmentally conscious elements in the design and operations.

More Info Coming Soon!

April 22 - All Aboard!

Climb aboard a Louisville & Nashville Railroad dining car from 1929 as we enjoy a tasting of whiskeys from MGP:  Eight & Sand, George Remus and Rossville Union.

In Railroad terms, the phrase “Eight & Sand” means traveling at full speed (throttle setting 8) while pouring sand on the rails for traction. In other words, “Smooth Sailing!”

George Remus was a lawyer and pharmacist who was known as "King of the Bootleggers" during prohibition.  He lived in Cincinnati but often traveled to Louisville.  Who knows, perhaps George sat in this very same dining car, behind a chugging steam locomotive.

We'll also be tasting Rossville Union Rye at both 94 proof and barrel strength. This whiskey is a celebration of the historic 1847 Rossville Distillery.

Thanks to Joe Clay for sponsoring this event!

March 25 - Kentucky Artisan Distillery

Kentucky Artisan Distillery President Steve Thompson spent his entire career in the spirits industry. He helped launch distilleries all over the country and is the former President of Brown-Forman. In 2012 he and two friends decided to build their own distillery.

The Brotherhood will have the pleasure of hearing from Steve, along with Master Distiller Jade Peterson, about all the fascinating things happening at K.A.D.