Prohibition 100th Anniversary Party - PRESENTED BY OLD FORESTER

On January 17, 1920 Prohibition went into effect and consumption of bourbon went underground.  Infamous gangsters such as Al Capone kept the liquor flowing during the roaring twenties by organizing with bootleggers and speakeasies throughout the country.  The Seelbach Hotel was a center of activity during that time, hosting these notorious characters at scandalous card games and jazz parties in the subterranean Rathskeller.  While Prohibition would be repealed in 1933, it was a moment in time that changed the bourbon industry forever.

The Whisky Chicks and Bourbon Brotherhood stepped back in time and commemorated the 100th anniversary of this significant event by returning to the mysterious Rathskeller, a room which has remained unchanged for the past 100 years.  The party honored Old Forester, the only whiskey brand to be sold by the same company and family before, during and after prohibition, with an evening of classic cocktails and a live musical performance by the Jazz Sparrows. 
Darshwood the Magician delighted us with his trickery throughout the evening.

We enjoyed complimentary Old Forester cocktails and a bourbon toast featuring Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon, which replicates a barrel-proof bourbon of the time.

Also check out the photos by TOPS Louisville and the Voice Tribune.

Photos courtesy of Yono Photographer.  Professional promotional models provided by  Accent Models Louisville.